PRO Outboard

Pro outboard racing is a favorite of mine as I consider this my roots in powerboat racing.. I started out with alky Merc deflectors and then Quincy flat heads before moving to Konigs. As an interesting bit of history, I worked for O.F Christner in 1977-78 before returning to Wisconsin and opening my own shop.  I have built winning Konig’s for almost every class and have built many engines from billet.  The many years building championship winning snowmobile engines and exhaust systems along with years working for OEMs as lead project designer of multiple engine projects has given me the deep design experience that is so needed in Pro today.

The modern engines such as VRP and Rossi are nice but, the attrition rate is unacceptable in my opinion. In reviewing these engines in detail, these problems can be corrected.
Correcting ports and heads along with proper set up ignitions can increase durability and widen the power band along with increasing the power as well. 

WIENANDT Performance Technology can put the science back into the racing engine.
We are preparing a new computerized dyno just for the Pro outboards.  This will be able to confirm all the computer models work. With today’s advanced computer simulation technology, the dyno only validates our work. The days of cut and try are over. The science of engines can be yours!

We highly recommend using AIM Data acquisition systems that we have specially developed for Pro racing. These systems can measure and graph: rpm, speed, throttle position, pipe position, head temp, water temp, plug temp, crankcase pressure, fuel pressure, water pressure EGT and more. WPT can teach you how to read your engine data and what it means. Now days, we look at the computer first, and then the spark plugs.

Correct port and head design for the application.
Spark advance curves and custom ignitions
Custom built exhaust systems.
Nikisil plating.
Dyno testing
Complete computer simulation

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Quincy Loopers
Quincy Z engines
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Yamato engines
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