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About Us

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1976: I graduated high school in 1976 where I spent most my time in metal shops making parts for my race boats. I had three other kids working for me making hardware for my B runabout.

My senior year was on a work study program linked with a local machine shop being trained as machinist.

1978: I worked as finish machinist until 1978

1975-1977 I hung out in Ron Anderson’s shop with him and Bob Hering, was there almost every night for a couple years. I mainly swept the floor and learned.

1977: I started building a couple engines for friends. I worked on outboards and snow racing engines.

1978-79 I worked for O.F Christner, at Quincy Welding as a machinist. At that time I was racing alcohol Mercs. 44ci deflectors and loopers. I also started racing 500 and 700 hydro with Konigs.  Ron Anderson built my first 700cc Konig.

1979: I returned home from Quincy, IL and started my own shop Wienandt Machine.  My machine shop specialized in racing.  I purchased my first dyno in 1980.  It was set up on two different stands. Vertical for outboards and mounting dyno horizontal for snowmobiles. I prepare a 340 Rotax that won out first F-1 world championship in 1984 beating the factory skidoo team.
My engines have won two F1 world titles and over 200 class world titles in open modified classes.

Wienandt Machine employed 5 people and had offices, Pipe Fab shop, Machine shop and dyno room.

1989: Fall of 1989 I sold Wienandt Machine to Fast Inc., the US outlet for SkiDoo/Rotax racing products. I went to work for them for two years. I managed the engine shop.  FAST was awarded best engineered award from International Snowmobile Racing for the development of a new three cylinder 540, 660 and 800 cc race engine which all won World Series titles the first year.  This was my work.

1991: I was offered a job by Aarrow Foundry, the job of designing a new line of engines and starting new engine company. Aarrow Performance was started. I designed from clean sheet of paper new racing engine mostly for Drag racing snow mobiles.  We had first running engine on the race track in 8 months. 975cc 3 cylinder.  The parent company was a foundry so we did all new castings with patterns for all parts.  A new crank shaft with less joints was also designed and built. Along with blown expansion chambers.  The first engine was field tested a week before the New York state championship drag race. We went there and won 5 rounds and finished second in final.

We did not get our dyno installed for two more months.  A completed the line of engines for racing was successfully developed with 1000cc, 800cc 600cc triple, 440 & 340 twin, and a 250 single.   In 1994 held the world record for fastest single engine gas powered snowmobile in 1000 feet. 145 mph.  Aarrow was again awarded the ISR best engineering award in 1993.


WPT Facilities

Plant 1
         Back of dad’s three car garage work shop.

Plant 2
          Installed floor in boat house behind dad’s garage.
          Assembly, grinding and small machines and engine prep.

Plant 3 - 1979-1989                Main St. Winneconne, WI
            Offices, complete machine shop, pipe fabrication shop, dyno room.

Plant 4                                         Eveleth, MN
             Basement workshop. Assembly, grinding and small machines and engine prep.

Plant 5                                         Bonduel, WI
              Assembly, grinding and small machines and engine prep.

Plant 6 -  1996-2012                   Fond du Lac, WI
              Machine shop, Three active dynos, pipe fitting area, assembly and engine prep area along with an office.

Plant 7 - 2012-2014                    Beaufort, SC
              Machine shop, assembly and engine prep area along with an office.

Plant 8 - 2014-forever                Greenville WI
               New 4000 sq ft shop with 4 active dynos, Machine shop room, Grinding room, assembly area, welding area and  office.