Vintage Racing Snowmobile Pistons.

WIENANDT Performance Technology (WPT) has had Custom Pistons made for racing Polaris and Yamaha engines.
Polaris 295, 58mm and 59.5mm
Polaris 440 x 3, 58mm and 59.5mm
Polaris 340, 62.25 and 63.5mm
Yamaha 340 GPX, 61.5mm
These piston were made by Wiseco to Specs and features from WIENANDT Performance Technology.  All will work with WPT’s Triple Exhaust port cylinders.  Reed Valve or Piston Port.
Above piston are $125 ea.

Line2Line Piston Coating additional $35 ea.  (recommended)

For the 2018 Season we will have new pistons designed and manufactured by  Leadfoot Engineering.

This program is raising the bar on racing piston design and technology.  We have been working with them in development stages for three years, and will be ready for a next generation racing piston next season.

These will only come with Line2Line coating.
Polaris 340, 63.5mm
Polaris 440, 69.25mm
WPT did back to back dyno tests with Line2Line people present and found a 3.5 hp gain on a 50 hp engine. Our engine will never run naked pistons again!