Drag Racing and Speed Run.

Drag Racing is almost old school around here.  In 1989 and 90 Mike Wienandt was in charge of the development for Fast Inc. on the 3 cylinder reed valve Rotax engines that received the ISR Best Engineering Award with wins in 540, 660 800cc Mod classes the first year in the ice. That was straight out of the box, Fast did not have a dyno that could run those engines but won 3 world series classes.  
In 1992 Mike Wienandt did again receive the ISR Best Engineering Award for a complete new engine design.  The revolutionary Aarrow Race engines. Since then we only got better.
From Race Prepped Stock engines, to Pro-Stock and Open Mod, Wienandt engines have won races and set records across the country.

WPT has prepared Kits for large 1000cc Ski Doo, Arctic Cat and Polaris. We create our own porting, crank case and head spec to create very powerful and durable race engines.  These are custom orders and quote due vary.  WPT prepares custom race engines for kinds of competition.

Over the years WPT prepares engine have set more than 15 world records and won more than 20 World Series of Drag racing events.   Been there done that.

Cylinder Head design is our specialty.  Preparing a proper head for the fuel you want to run for your application is very important.  Do it wrong and you could walk back many times. We do custom work for you, not a note book recipe. 

Call for Quotes
Dynamometer Service (per day charge)…………………………………………………….…$500

Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to the WPT for Dyno for tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time or fine tune a given engine. See which of your engines is better and tune the best performance out of each one.  Find the correct Rpm range, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion.